The Little Python Bag company

Little Python Bag is a small, select world of highly rare leather goods.

The brand offers an exclusive collection of articles made entirely from python skin, with a wide choice of unique, up-to-the-minute models.

Exclusive firstly thanks to the rareness of the leathers we use. With the complete originality bestowed by its symmetrical markings and its visually tactile appearance, python leather is imitated by many different brands (from the humblest to the most prestigious), in an attempt to reproduce its extraordinary features on a variety of textiles and on other leathers. LPB, on the other hand, uses only genuine python skins, a rare, noble and luxurious variety of leather.

The LPB website offers you a unique opportunity to get more than just acquainted with these leather goods made of genuine python skin.

Our range is also completely exclusive thanks to our guarantee of handcrafted workmanship. Every piece of the collection is made individually, so as to fully respect both the materials being used and the articles being made.

Our aim is quite simply to make these rare leather articles a part of your everyday dressing habits. The woman of today and all self-respecting fashionistas will be seduced by our online shop and the collection of trendy, luxurious but also affordable fashion goods it presents.