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  • 45€

    Description courte : Magnifique étui passeport en peau de python véritable protégera votre document cet été lors de vos  voyages. Disponible en trois couleurs il vous permettra d’associer la couleur à votre humer ou thème de voyage.   Couleurs : 3 couleurs : or, orange et noir.

  • 213€ 425€
    213€ 425€ -50%

    A classic town bag, the Perfect Little Python Bag is one of our brand’s best-known models. Trendy, easy to carry and multi-purpose, it is perfect for daytime, evening or week-end use. The simplicity of its lines perfectly sets off the noble material it is made from. Colors: Natural, Black, Bordeaux

  • 110€ 220€
    110€ 220€ -50%

    A sumptuous case designed for the iPad will protect your tablet ant turn it into a genuine fashion accessory. With its classical design made of simple, safe lines, it is an essential article to ensure the security and originality of your iPad. So treat your iPad to fashionable, trendy accessories such as this genuine python skin case.   Colors : Black; Natural.

  • 33€ 65€
    33€ 65€ -50%

    The cuff bracelet is indisputably a leader among models of bracelets. LPB has added its own personal touch to this classic piece of jewelry. It plays on the association of python skin with silver-plated metal. The openwork features make this cuff bracelet exotic and very feminine. Dimensions: 3 cm wide, single size.

  • 248€ 495€
    248€ 495€ -50%

    A sumptuous clutch bag in a two- or three-colour combination, entirely made out of python skin. Its rigid structure makes it a perfect choice to go with business dress while at the same time remaining modern and trendy with the colour-block pattern required by current fashion.

  • 45€

    This beautiful wooden bracelet is a pretty, original addition to your everyday wear. Its rigid structure and its particular width gives your wrist an imposing look, while its outsize dimensions add something easy-going and airy to your appearance. A wide range of colours offers you a choice to match any outfit, any mood and even any season.   Dimensions: single size.

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  • 35€

    The LPB bracelet is a perfect combination of simplicity and originality. Actually a wide bracelet, the long narrow horizontal gouges cut in the body of the bracelet gives the impression of several bracelets being worn together. This optical illusion gives your wrist and your overall appearance an airy, dynamic look.   Size: single size but adjustable to fit your wrist. 4 cm wide and 20 cm long.

  • 55€ 110€
    55€ 110€ -50%

    If you are fond of small bags or clutch bags or you simply don’t like overloading your everyday bag, this small wallet and card-holder is made for you. This model proves the superiority of simplicity and offers a form of convenience which is both unique and trendy.

  • 39€

    Un porte-carte super compact. Modèle très plat et avec maximum de praticité, permet de ranger plus de 6 cartes.   Couleur : Framboise existe aussi en turquoise, noir et naturelle

  • 225€ 450€
    225€ 450€ -50%

    Ce sac peu ordinaire est un vrai bijou. Sa forme créative avec plusieurs extrémités nous fait penser à des faces du diamant. Même la fermeture métallique rappelle le thème des pierres précieuses.  Sensationnel et pratique, le sac Bijou avantagera votre tenue mieux que n’importe lequel diamant.   Couleur : Caramel.   Dimensions : 30 x 15 x 8,5 cm. Longeur de la chaine est de 130 cm.

  • 165€ 330€
    165€ 330€ -50%

    The Bandoulière shoulder bag, a lovable, handy, must-have model. LPB has adapted this great classic of leather goods with enthusiasm. The dynamic association of two types of totally different leathers makes this a perfect model for a modern woman’s busy day.   Colour : Bordeaux/black, Black/beige, Caramel/black

  • 238€ 475€
    238€ 475€ -50%

    The one-and-only Little Python Bag. Our brand’s star product. With its unique shape, a stiff outer part conceals a soft bucket-bag underneath. Quite apart from its unique shape, it can be either hand or shoulder carried, for increased convenience. The only question is not what you are going to do with it, but what you are going to do without this small, must-have model.   Bordeaux/Black  

Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items