• 99€ 330€
    99€ 330€ -70%

    The Bandoulière shoulder bag, a lovable, handy, must-have model. LPB has adapted this great classic of leather goods with enthusiasm. The dynamic association of two types of totally different leathers makes this a perfect model for a modern woman’s busy day.   Colour : Bordeaux/black, Black/beige, Caramel/black

  • 87€ 290€
    87€ 290€ -70%

    The hand-carried Chess clutch bag refers, as its name suggests, to the famous game which is one of the most elegant and intellectual games played in the world. The distinctive pattern inspired by the game’s chequered board with its classic mix of black and white squares makes this clutch bag a symbol of eternal perfection and a permanent trend.   Colour: single pattern.

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